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Tips To Post Surgery Relief

Relief-is-here-blue-copy2Even though most types of facial surgery is elective, it is still a serious medical event. People who undergo these treatments must be careful to take care of themselves and their surgical site or a speedy recovery.

To ensure that you have the best post-operative experience after plastic surgery incorporate some of these tips into our recovery plan.

Tips For Post-Surgery Relief

  1. Have Your Home Prepared. Take the time before your surgery to have everything prepared around your house so that you can concentrate on your recuperation. You want to make sure that you are not obligated in any manner so that you are not straining yourself.
  2. Ice 2 Recover Mask. Make sure that you have an Ice 2 Recover gel face mask (or two) ready for you when you get home. This superior cooling mask will provide you with extensive relief from swelling and discomfort that is associated with this type of procedure. Better than an ice pack or bag of frozen peas, the Ice 2 Recover mask coves your whole face at once, providing excellent relief.
  3. Eat Light. Make sure that you eat real light for a few days after surgery. Many people find that anesthesia will cause them to be nauseous for a few days after any kid of surgery. Light foods, and preferably broths, will help you deal with any nausea you may experience.
  4. Get Rest. Your body needs rest to have a speedy recovery. Make sure that you sleep as much as possible and remain relaxed while you are not asleep. The Ice 2 Recover gel cooling mask will help you relax and sleep comfortably because it will cool the skin and reduce the swelling.
  5. Stay Stress Free. Try to reduce the stress of everyday life as much as possible during your recovery period. Your body, even when it has not undergone any type of surgery, reacts to stress in a physical manner. This reaction reduces your immune system and will slow your recovery process.

Of course, it is important to follow all of your medical provider’s recommendations for a good recovery. This include proper wound care.

The most important thing you can do is reduce the swelling and make yourself comfortable so you can get the most rest. Take advantage of all the benefits the Ice 2 Recover gel mask offers and find a very comfortable spot in your bed.

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