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Ice 2 Recover Is Amazing!

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Swelling after facial surgery

Swelling after facial surgery is one of the biggest causes of discomfort and prolonged recovery. Swelling is common after these procedures because of the delicacy of facial skin and muscles. Combating this swelling is crucial to a speedy recovery.

Ice-Mask-CollageAs with most swelling, using ice packs relieves discomfort and reduces puffiness. However, ice packs can be bulky and hard to use. You cannot cover your entire face at once without inhibiting bathing, and you do not get the benefits of the ice conforming to your facial contours. Some people opt for bags of frozen peas to help with the contouring, but you still cannot treat the entire face at one time.

The Ice 2 Recover gel facial mask eliminates all of these problems. This full size mask can provide you with the cooling relief over your entire face at one time without inhibiting breathing or being bulky and awkward.

The Ice 2 Recover mask contains a non-toxic gel that effectively retains the cold and easily conforms to your facial structure. The ultra-soft material used to construct the mask is latex free and so gentle that it can be used over bandages.

The Ice 2 Recover mask is designed to easily accommodate women or men, and is equipped with two Velcro straps to ensure that it remains in place and provides the most relief. The mask has adequate space for your nose and eyes so that breathing or sight is not inhibited while in use.

Relief-is-here-blue-copy2The gel in the Ice 2 Recover mask is easy to chill. Placing it in the refrigerator for a short period of time will charge the gel with coldness and it will remain cold for longer than most ice packs. It is easy to care for and can be reused as often as necessary. When the mask is not in use, simply wipe it off with a dry cloth and place it in its storage bag.

The Ice 2 Recover mask has also become very popular with people who have undergone chemical peels or laser treatments on their face. These two effective treatments often leave the skin tingling for a short period of time. The Ice 2 Recover mask reduces this irritation and speeds recovery.

After undergoing any facial treatment, it is always recommended that the person rests and relaxes to recuperate. Adding the Ice 2 Recover facial mask to your recovery plan will allow you to relax with minimal discomfort ad will help you speed the swelling reduction process.

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