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Reduce Face Swelling After Surgery

Relief-is-here-blue-copy2The biggest problem for people who undergo plastic surgery of the face is the face swelling after surgery. Even the most minor types of surgery to the face can cause swelling and discomfort because the skin and muscles in this area are very delicate.

Swelling is a natural occurrence after any type of surgery. Failure to treat the swelling, however, can slow the healing process and cause undue discomfort.

Most physicians recommend treating swelling with ice packs. The cold will reduce swelling and will cause the area to feel numb which reduces discomfort. Some will even suggest placing bags of frozen peas on the face because the peas will move around and reach hard-to-get areas of the face.

Neither of these types of treatment, however, can provide relief to all areas of the face at one time.

The Ice 2 Recover gel face mask can provide this type of relief. The mask is designed to cover all areas of the face at one time for either men or women. Because the mask cools and soothes the entire face at one time, the user feels almost instant relief from their discomfort and their swelling recedes evenly.

The Ice 2 Recover mask is constructed of a very soft material that is latex free. It is filled with a non-toxic gel that retains the cold and evenly distributes it across your face. Because of the soft construction and gel interior, the mask can conform to every contour of your face providing additional relief.

The product is very effective for reducing swelling, even over bandages. There are holes for the eyes, nose and mouth, ensuring that you are not inhibited in any way while you are relaxing and allowing the mask to work. Two Velcro straps are attached so that you can secure the mask in place.

The two most important things that you must do to have a successful and speedy recovery from facial surgery is get enough rest and reduce the swelling. Swelling can undo some of the benefits of the surgery if it is not managed carefully, and rest is always necessary for a healthy body.

The Ice 2 Recover mask will allow you to rest easily after surgery and manage the swelling and discomfort. You simply place it in the refrigerator to get cold and then apply it to your face. The mask is re-useable and is very easy to care for in between uses.

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