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Ice 2 Recover Is Amazing!

The Best Post Surgery Healing Mask Around!

Ice Mask for Your Face

The Ice 2 Recover Ice Mask for Your Face is a multi-purpose beauty aid that is increasing in popularity because of its versatility. This ice mask for face treatments is perfect for post-surgery swelling reduction and pain management, post chemical peel cooling, and as an addition to any beauty routine to keep skin firm.

Post-Surgery Relief

The Ice 2 Recover mask provides near instant relief from post facial surgery discomfort. The soft and pliable mask conforms to your facial structure giving every area the benefit of cold therapy at the same time. This is superior to ice packs which can only soothe one area at a time.

The gel filled mask is gentle and lightweight. It can easily be used after facial surgery, even over bandages. The cooling relief the Ice 2 Recover mask provides reduces swelling and tenderness and helps the patient with their discomfort level.

Made for either men or women, the Ice 2 Recover is a full sized mask which provides relief to all areas of the face at the same time. It is equipped with two Velcro straps to help secure it in place for comfort and convenience. It is even available in different colors

Chemical Peel and Laser Treatment Relief

Chemical peels and facial laser treatments are very popular because of their fantastic results. These treatments fight the signs of aging very well, but they can be a little uncomfortable for a day or so after the initial treatment.

Many people report tender skin, tingling sensation or sometimes a mild burning sensation immediately after these treatments. The Ice 2 Recover cooling gel mask provides near instant relief for these symptoms.

The cooling effect of the Ice 2 Recover mask will also reduce any swelling or puffiness that may occur after these treatments. Most beauty practitioners recommend frozen bags of peas used as an ice pack for relief, but the Ice 2 Recover works more effectively.

Beauty Treatments

Using the Ice 2 Recover face mask as part of your daily beauty routine will help your skin stay firm. Swelling and puffiness occur every day, making the skin weak from stretching and causing fine lines and wrinkles.

Placing the cooling mask on your face reduces this swelling naturally and helps you battle the fine lines. Using the mask as part of your beauty routine also gives you a reason to relax and enjoy the cooling effects of the mask, and everyone knows that rest is essential to any anti-aging routine.

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