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Ice 2 Recover Is Amazing!

The Best Post Surgery Healing Mask Around!

Facial Swelling Solution

Relief-is-here-blue-copy2One of the hardest parts about post facial surgery recovery is dealing with the swelling. The swelling can be very uncomfortable and without treatment, can extend the recovery period. Addressing this problem is key to a successful recovery.

Many medical practitioners will recommend that you place ice packs on your face to reduce swelling. Some even recommend that you use bags of frozen peas so that the cold can be more evenly distributed. Both methods work, but have many drawbacks.The Ice 2 Recover face mask is the perfect facial swelling solution to this problem. Designed to provide relief to the entire face at one time without inhibiting breathing, this full face mask works better than ice packs or bags of frozen peas.

Made from a very soft material that is latex-free, the gel filled mask retains the cold and applies it to all areas of the face at one time. The total relief you experience by treating your face all at one time is wonderful. You do not have to move bulky ice packs from one place to another; you simply apply the mask and let it work.

The gel in the mask conforms to your face and treats all areas equally. This even distribution of cold helps reduce swelling faster because all areas are being treated equally. The gel is so gentle that the mask can even be applied over bandages.

The mask has two Velcro straps that are used to attach the mask directly to your face. This allows you to move about freely with the mask on and still reap its benefits. The straps also gently hold the mask in place while you are relaxing and lying down.

The Ice 2 Recover mask is designed to easily accommodate the facial structure of a woman or man. It is also available in four different colors as a way to enhance pleasure. The mask is very easy to use and has very basic care instructions.

People who undergo chemical peels or laser treatments will also benefit from the Ice 2 Recover face mask. The cooling effects of the mask can reduce swelling and stinging that is often associated with these procedures right after they have been performed.

The Ice 2 Recover mask also offers additional benefits to those looking for a holistic approach to facial care. By using the mask each day for a short period of time, users reduce everyday swelling and puffiness in their face. This helps keep skin firm and reduces the fine lines associated with puffiness around the eyes.

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