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Ice 2 Recover Is Amazing!

The Best Post Surgery Healing Mask Around!

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Ice 2 Recover facial mask is an innovative beauty product specially designed as an alternative to ice packs and frozen peas. It is essential to post facial recovery treatment to reduce swelling and speed up the healing process, and with continued use, will leave your skin looking and feeling firmer and refreshed.

The cooling effect also alleviates any discomfort after various medical and cosmetic procedures. This gel-filled mask delivers near instant relief experienced by those who have undergone facial surgery or have had intensive facial treatments such as chemical peels or laser treatments, and speeds up the healing process.

Additionally, the Ice 2 Recover mask aids in everyday beauty treatments by helping skin stay firm and minimizing pores.

Tailor designed to comfortably fit both men and women, Ice 2 Recover comes in a special design zip lock bag for safe storage in the refrigerator so that when you are ready for the mask, the mask is ready for you. It features double Velcro straps designed to comfortably secure the mask in place, even over bandages. The mask’s unique soft outer surface and inner gel gently conforms to the face to provide exceptional comfort. All materials are non-toxic, latex free and safe for all applications.





Many people opt for chemical peels and laser therapies as a way to manage their fine lines and enhance their skins beauty. These are very effective treatments that continue to grow in popularity. These treatments can be completed relatively fast and the benefits are almost instantly noticeable.

However, these treatments are also known for creating some discomfort immediately after they have been completed. Some people report a stinging or tingling sensation in their skin for a day or two after the treatment. This is not unusual and goes away quickly.

The Ice 2 Recover gel facial mask can provide near-instant relief for this tingling or stinging sensation. The coolness of the gel mask penetrates the skin and reduces the discomfort. Using the mask has proven to be very successful in relieving these discomforts.


Every day your skin is subjected to abuse. Chemicals, pollution, perfumes, cleaners, and even food products that can make it swell and stretch. Puffiness around the eyes and other facial features naturally occur as a reaction to these abuses and this is what can cause your skin to age.

The puffiness stretches your skin and makes it more prone to wrinkles. By reducing this puffiness you can eliminate the strain it causes on the skin and fight fine lines effectively.

By using the Ice 2 Recover face mask as an everyday beauty routine product, you can reduce puffiness, redness, and swelling, helping to keep your skin firm. Your gel mask comes in a special design zip bag allowing you to keep the gel mask in the refrigerator at all times so that when you are ready for the cooling benefits the mask is ready for you.

The Ice 2 Recover gel face mask is a wonderful addition to any beauty regiment and a must-have for anyone who is undergoing facial surgery or facial treatments. This mask will help you reduce swelling and manage discomfort in an easy and comfortable manner.

Cold Benefits include:

  • Reduces swelling common with facial and/or oral surgery, as well as sports injury.  (Anyone who has had any type of facial surgery will verify the discomfort left when going home and expected to hold bags of peas or ice packs as the most important part of the healing process is to reduce swelling as soon as possible.)
  • Alleviates the burning sensation of various medical and cosmetic procedures.
  • Relieves oral surgery discomfort.
  • Continues use after surgery will help maintain that youthful look by keeping skin firmer refreshed and renewed.
  • Reduces late night puffiness/ early morning wake up calls
  • Cools the body after sports, workouts or on hot summer days
  • Alleviates the pain associated with Migraines
  • Provides relief from Sunburn
  • Reduces fever/temperature
  • Provides a natural alternative to skin firming lotions
  • Reduces post surgery swelling
  • Pre Botox and filler preparation
  • Alleviates burning sensation from laser treatments and chemical peels
  • Keeps skin looking firm and refreshed with daily use
  • Reduces facial and eye puffiness


Hot Benefits include:

  • Diminishes the discoloration of bruising associated with surgery
  • Enhances one’s favorite moisturiser as heat opens pores, allowing it to penetrate deeper into the pores, leaving your skin more refreshed
  • Provides moisture to dry skin
  • Alleviates the discomfort associated with colds, Flu, sinusitis, congestion, allergies and headaches while waiting for medication to take effect
  • Promotes peaceful relaxation


The Ice2Recover cooling mask was created to replace ice packs and frozen peas to relieve pain and discomfort, allowing one to comfortably rest and recover, without holding anything to the face. Ice 2 recover is not intended to replace any other products or medications prescribed by ones health care provider.

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